Pruning Frost Damaged Plants

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ith the possibility of a potential frost finally passing us by, you may now prune back all of the damaged wood of your plants and trees. As rough as your plants may look, you may be surprised at how much live wood is still there. Start from the top of the plant and prune your way down to where you start to see green wood. Once you reach live green wood you will know the plant will leaf back out to that point. Depending on where you live in the valley will determine how much frost damage your plants suffered.

After pruning we recommend using Treeland Premium All-Purpose Fertilizer on all of your trees and shrubs to give them a good jump start into spring. It is specially formulated for Arizona’s soils and will supply your plants with the nutrients they want. Our fertilizer promotes green leaves, healthy roots, strong branches, and delicious fruit and citrus.

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