ZZ, Zamioculcas Zamiifolia 6″ pot


ZZ Also known as Zanzibar Gem is a Easy going house plant that grows to about 2 to 4 feet large. They can tolerate a range of lighting conditions from bright morning sun to low indirect light. They can get sun scald if exposed to too much direct sunlight. 

ZZ’s have rhizome roots that store water and nutrients for the plant to use, making them a low water use and low care plant. Make sure to use a potting soil that drains to keep this plant from getting root rot, and let the soil dry completely between waterings. This plant can go without fertilizing for some time and it’s recommended to keep the dose low to prevent stressing the root system.

ZZ plants can be reproduced by propagation from stem cuttings rooted in water, or by dividing the rhizomes while repotting. Dividing up the plant is a great way to keep the plant in the same size pot, refreshing the soil, while gaining another plant to care for or gift to your fellow plant friends. Zanzibar gems are toxic to pets and humans so keep them away from curious pets and children.