Elephant Ear Colocasia Esculenta 3 gallon


Elephant Ear is a large leaf perennial that will grow best indoors or in a well shaded area outdoors. They need to be protected from the intensity of our sun exposure in Arizona so filtered light or early morning light and mostly shade is ideal. Humidity will also keep this plant looking fresh, you can accommodate with a humidifier or water feature that will stir moisture in the air, and it is best to protect them from air conditioner drafts if indoors.

They like a loamy and fertile soil that is slightly acidic and stays moist. We recommend amending your soil with Happy Frog® Soil Conditioner for in ground or using Ocean Forest® Potting Soil in containers from Fox Farm. Adding some Vermiculite to the mix will help you to keep that soil moist while allowing it to drain and dry slightly. Elephant Ear is susceptible to fungal diseases due to their moist soil requirement, try to time your waterings so the soil doesn’t get over-saturated. The watering will depend on the season and temperature, more frequent in Spring and Summer and minimally in Winter. 

Elephant Ear produces tubers in the soil. If your plant dies back due to frost or extreme heat, cut back the dead foliage and the plant can grow back from the tubers when temperatures are optimal, about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. When sizing up and repotting an established plant, the tubers can be harvested and used to propagate more plants from. 

They produce a white flower similar to a Calla Lily and clusters of berries if they receive enough sun exposure in Spring and Summer. It’s possible to grow more plants from seed but less common than propagation. Elephant ear is toxic to pets and humans, something to consider if you have curious animals and children around.