Dragon Tree, Dracaena Marginata 3 Cane Green 6″ pot


Dragon Tree is a lean palm looking plant with long thin leaves. They are drought tolerant and therefore need a well draining soil that dries out between watering. We recommend amending the soil with a draining medium or Black Gold Cactus Succulent mix when repotting this plant. This plant only needs a light dose of fertilizer to keep it happy during the Spring or Summer growing season. 

Dracaena will thrive in bright indirect light and might even bloom if exposed to enough morning sun, be careful as too much direct light can burn the foliage. They will also grow fine in lower light conditions, although it will slow the growth and result in smaller leaves. Since dragon trees are such slow growers they usually will stay around a few feet tall but with decades you can see this plant get as tall as 8 to 20 feet high if in the ideal conditions. 

The pests to watch out for on this plant are scale, mealy bugs, thrips, or spider mites. If you see any bumps, cotton like fuzz, or webbing coating the leaves then use an insecticidal soap to wash away and suffocate the pest. Dracaenas are toxic to pets, so keep out of reach from your curious creatures.