Short Stuff: Native Grasses & Wildflower Mix, Wildlands Restoration

Low-growing Native Sonoran Grasses and Wildflowers.

Except in years of extraordinarily superb growing conditions, these species will maintain a low profile of about 1.5 feet or less. Mostly flowers, plus a few attractive low grasses.

Mexican Gold Poppy, Dyssodia, Owl’s Clover, Bladderpod, Golden Pectis, Arizona Poppy, Desert Chia, Rothrock Gramma, Sixweeks Grama, Enneapogon, Small-flowered fescue, Curly Mesquite, Indian Wheat.

The species in this mix are varied in their seasons, some are cool season and some warm. So, this mix can be planted in anticipation of either wet season – primarily from October through mid-February, or secondarily from late May through early August.