Desert Colors, Wildlands Restoration

Sonoran Desert Natives plus Old Garden Favorites.

The “Old-Garden Favorites” in this mix are non-Sonoran old-time garden regulars (our favorites) that are non-invasive.

Seeds may be planted anytime of year, as different species in the mix may germinate in any season in the event of a substantial rainfall. Most of these species bloom from late Winter through Spring, so that plantings from late September through February will provide the best results.

Natives: Bahia, Desert Bluebells, Desert Marigold, Desert Senna, Dyssodia, Mexican Gold Poppy, Fendler Bladderpod, Gordon’s Bladderpod, Desert Lupine, Parry’s Penstemon, Prairie Coneflower, Pygmy Aster, Silverbells, Thimblehead, Paperflower, Colored Globemallow, Indian Blanketflower, Wild Sunflower.

Exotics: California Poppy, Scarlet Flax, Coreopsis, Cosmos, Shirley Poppy, Arroyo Lupine, Five-spot, Baby Snapdragons, Lemon Beebalm, Showy Evening Primrose.