Bosque del Bac Habitat Restoration Mix

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Composed of 33 species of grass, wildflowers, shrubs and trees native to the valley and foothills of Tucson.
Some percentage of seed will germinate with cool season rains and some with the warmer monsoons.
Mix includes: Bahia, Desert Marigold, Desert Senna, Dyssodia, Owl’s Clover, Mexican Gold Poppy, Desert Lupine, Silverbells, Wild Sunflower, Rothrock Grama, AZ Cottontop, Giant Dropseed, Sand Dropseed, Spike Pappusgrass, Alkali Sacaton, Plains Bristlegrass, Indian Wheat, Catclaw Acacia, White-thorn Acacia, Brittlebush, Indian Wheat, White Bursage, Creosote, Fourwind Saltbush, Desert Saltbush, Quailbush, Soaptree Yucca, Foothills Palo Verde, Mesquite, Ironwood Desert Willow, Bebbia, Wolfberry
1/4 LB is approximately 500 square feet of coverage

1 LB is approximately 2,000 square feet of coverage


Bosque Del Bac, Reveg. (also known as: SEED, BOSQUE DEL BAC, REVEG.) is characterized as Other and part of the Seed section of our Hardgoods department.

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