Fertilizing Trees and Shrubs

Fertilizing Trees and Shrubs


Spring is a great time of the year to fertilize most varieties of trees and shrubs. We recommend fertilizing with our Treeland Premium All-Purpose Fertilizer, which provides plants with the essential macronutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. It also has important micronutrients like Sulfur, Iron, and Zinc. Our premium blend is a granular product that delivers the necessary nutrients to plants with each watering. In addition, some plants, such as Hibiscus require an iron supplements along with our All-Purpose fertilizer.


Our All-Purpose Fertilizer is based off of a citrus blend and when used with gypsum will provide citrus trees with the necessary nutrients to develop large quality fruit. Gypsum acts as a soil conditioner to loosen our clay soil but more importantly it adds calcium to the soil which the tree uses for growth and fruit development. If you notice your citrus have fruit that has split, this is caused by inadequate or irregular watering during the summer.


We use and recommend a combination of two different products to cure Queen Palm problems, Treeland Premium All-Purpose Fertilizer and Growmore Palm Food Micronutrients. Growmore Palm Food Micronutrients supplies palms with the right amount of micros such as Manganese, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, and Sulfur. Usually you have to buy each of these separately, but this one product contains them all in an easy to apply liquid form.

Through October we are running a special Queen Palm Combo when you purchase our Treeland Premium All-Purpose Fertilizer and Growmore Palm Food Micronutrients. One forty pound All-Purpose fertilizer combined with one gallon of the micronutrients will feed 6 to 10 palms depending on their size.

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