How To Remove a Plant Container

Monday, November 01, 2010
  1. Have hole dug to correct depth and diameter.
  2. Lay plant down onto its side.
  3. WARNING! Use a sharp utility knife to cut the bottom of the container around the circumference.
  4. Gently lower the plant with the container into hole. DO NOT let the root ball of the plant fall through the bottom of the container.
  5. WARNING! Use the utility knife to cut the side of the container from the bottom to the top.
  6. Carefully remove the container from around the root ball of the plant.
  7. DO NOT damage, loosen, or alter the root ball or the soil of the root ball in any way.
  8. Backfill around the root ball with amended soil. Tamp backfilled soil down gently. DO NOT place backfill soil on top of the root ball.
  9. Build a water basin around the hole; water twice the first day. Follow watering recommendation for the specific plant thereafter.