Bermuda Lawn Dethatching

Monday, November 01, 2010
  1. Mow lawn at shortest setting.
  2. Rent a dethatcher and a sod roller.
  3. Mark sprinkler head locations to prevent damage.
  4. WARNING! Wear protective gear. Dethatch lawn area in two directions.
  5. Rake up lawn clipping and dispose of the remainder.
  6. Spread screened silt over repair areas and in ruts, dips, and low spots.
  7. Spray lawn area with water.
  8. Roll lawn area 3 or 4 times in several directions with half-filled sod roller, then two thirds-filled sod roller.
  9. Spread Ammonium Phosphate fertilizer at manufacturer's recommended rate over lawn area.
  10. Soak lawn area.
  11. Program irrigation timer to water the lawn area 1 time every 3 days for the equivilent of 1" water. AVOID STANDING WATER!