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Fertilizing Trees and Shrubs


Spring is a great time of the year to fertilize most varieties of trees and shrubs. We recommend fertilizing with our Treeland Premium All-Purpose Fertilize.. Read More

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Fertilizing Citrus

Treeland Nurseries - Monday, February 20, 2017

February and March marks the first feeding of the New Year for all varieties of citrus. We recommend using Treeland Premium All-Purpose Fertilizer in combination with Gypsum. Our All-Purpose Fertilizer is based off of a citrus blend and will work for most landscape trees and shrubs. Gypsum acts as a soil conditioner but more importantly adds calcium to the soil which the citrus tree uses for growth and fruit development.

Spring is also a great time to plant any new citrus trees in your yard. In the past year citrus trees have become very difficult to find. However, we have a source and we just received a new shipment of all of the popular varieties in both dwarf and standard forms. We will continue to receive shipments throughout the spring.

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