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Dethatching and Fertilizing Your Bermuda Grass


With nighttime temperatures warming up, your Bermuda lawn will continue to thrive. Use Turf Royale every 6 to 8 weeks to ensure your lawn stays the greenest.. Read More

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Monsoon Activity

Treeland Nurseries - Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fast growing trees can act as a sail in the wind during the monsoon and usually blow over. This can be prevented by thinning out the interior canopy of the tree. Doing so will take a lot of weight out of the tree. Also, properly staking your trees, i.e. double staking, when they are young will greatly benefit the tree during wind storms and also aid in the development of the tree.

There are many options when staking trees. We carry many different sizes of tree stakes and Duckbill wiring systems depending on the size of the tree.

Take advantage of the rain by turning off your watering system for up to a few days or more, depending on how much rain you receive.

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